Private Equity

RDA invests in private equity transactions as principal or lead investor in diverse companies and projects in a variety of industries. RDA believes that successful investments require more than capital to create value. RDA seeks to identify talented management and then works with management to develop a shared vision to create or enhance enterprise value.  

RDA generally aligns its financial interests with those of management and other stakeholders by requiring that management retain significant equity ownership.

Once an investment has closed, RDA’s principals actively participate in the management of the company as informed board members, and seek to advise the company on strategic goals. In addition, RDA will bring to bear its contacts and resources to maximize cash flow and enterprise value. While not participating in day-to-day operations, RDA works closely with management to ensure that the business is provided with sufficient capital to implement short-and long-term strategies. Additional financing will be considered through equity participation or debt placement, should internal or acquisition opportunities arise to further enhance and accelerate growth.