Hedge Funds

RDA provides strategic capital to select fund managers who have demonstrated the ability to consistently identify and capitalize on investment opportunities. RDA invests in its own funds, conducts rigid due diligence and monitors portfolio performance on a continuous basis. A selection of investments is summarized below.

Real Estate Fund

RDA is the lead outside investor in an investment management firm focused on acquiring, restructuring and managing multi-family apartment buildings in the New York City area.  RDA is actively involved in the operations of this firm, and routinely provides input on key decisions regarding the acquisition and management of properties.

Distressed Fund

RDA seeded a distressed debt fund in 1997. This Fund grewn to $2.5 billion and was annually in the top quartile of its sector.

Long-Short Equity Fund

RDA seeded a value oriented long-short beta neutral fund in 2005. Since its inception, this fund has consistently outpaced the S&P 500 Index.

India Fund

RDA has partnered with two other groups to invest in a fund that specializes in investing in micro caps and small caps in India. We believe that this market provides an excellent opportunity for investing in an area where few existing vehicles are available. Focus will be on selecting companies that are in the growth stage of development, are undervalued, well managed and have value added strategies that will propel them to the next level.